FUTURA is a new and young that has the objective to his assertion in the world of espresso machines.

Strong, however, the experience gained from “years of service” in the industry we are confident to offer products for solid and reliable not to mention another appearance, embodied in a modern design and attractive.

The quality of materials used, their reliability and durability, the care in design and assembly , the thoroughness of the various phases of testing are the cornerstones upon which the design of our machines , designed to provide the operator that ‘ ergonomics, ease of use , and of course the best and continuous extraction of coffee with any workload.

Another equally important aspect is the one devoted to the technical solutions adopted to facilitate as much as possible the maintenance of the machine, allowing ease and speed of access to all parts of the machine in a simple and intuitive interface.

All of these milestones, combined with the professionalism and passion that we pour into our daily work, create that perfect alchemy that is realized in the construction of machines beautiful, reliable and practical.