Professional coffee machine with 2 and 3 automatic units. A solid and reliable machine with a contemporary and elegant design that looks great in any style of interior. Eye-catching features include fine details, like the stainless steel foaming wand, a large multifunctional display that visualizes the machine parameters, and all the stainless steel finishes and inserts. This extremely reliable machine makes it possible to have a continuity of extraction, thereby offering the best possible coffee.

  • F100 2gr white

    F100 2gr

  • F100 sidea black

    F100 2gr

  • F100 sidea red

    F100 2gr

  • F100 sideb white

    F100 2gr PID

  • F100 sideb red

    F100 2gr


    • Electronic coffee machine with automatic dose setting
    • Electronic boiler refill
    • Electric heating system
    • Double pressure gauge for boiler and pump pressure control
    • 1 hot water outlet
    • 2 stainless steel steam wand
    • Boiler temperature indicated by a display
    • Multifunction display: doses counting, programming maintenance cycles/regenerationwater-softener, language setting, reporting alarms and malfunctions
    • Built-in volumetric pump
    • Groups cleaning function


  • Electronic boiler temperature control (PID)
  • Automatic milk frother device
  • Upgraded boiler heating element
  • Interface PC/Cash Desk


Dimensions 2 3
L (mm) 750 990
H (mm) 555 555
P (mm) 550 550
Weight 2 3
(kg) 65 85
Boiler capacity 2 3
Litri 12,7 19
Scambiatore 2×0,45l 3×0,45l
Power and absorbment 2 3
Volt 400/230 400/230
Hz 50/60 50/60
W 3500 4500