Barista 1 – multiboiler machine with new design is machine for all barista’s need. With a simply and independent system of group temperature adjustment you can obtain best extraction of all kind of coffee beans. Multifunctional display shows with scroll coffee delivery time and at the same time also temperature during all coffee delivery. Independent hot water and steam boiler grants with ergonomic lever valve continuous steam delivery and with new system, using manual selector, you can obtain 2 different temperatures of hot water, ideal for preparation of tea and tisane.

  • F100 2gr bianca
  • F100 2gr nera
  • F100 latoa rossa
  • F100 latob bianca
  • F100 latob rossa


    • Multi-boiler machine – every group has his boiler and boiler for steam and hot water
    • Temperature regulation through NTP probe for steam and coffee boilers
    • 6 doses touchpad with retro illumination
    • Electronic multifunction display
    • Retro illuminated switch for manual delivery
    • Switch for hot water selection (tea or tisane – lower temperature)
    • Automatic refiling of the boiler
    • Energy saving system
    • Electronic cup heater
    • Group washing function
    • White led illumination for workspace
    • Water supply pressure gauge
    • 2 pressure gauges for coffee boiler pressure
    • Tall size
Dimensions 2
L (mm)80 800
H (mm) 570
P (mm) 580
Weight 2
(kg) 80
Boiler Capacity 2
Steam boiler capacity 12
Coffee boiler capacity 1.2 lt x 2
Power and absorbment 2
Volt 400/230
Hz 50/60
Steam and hot water boiler power (W) 3500
Coffee boiler power (W) 900
Totale (W) 6000