Our models :



Semi-professional coffee machine with a 2-litre, top-loading tank and a 3-litre boiler. Ideal for wherever a professional machine is not necessary due to a shortage of space or limited volumes, without having to compromise on the quality of a good espresso, as if you were at a bar. Its retro look, the mechanical levers, the chrome-plated taps, and all the stainless steel finishes make it an elegant and high-class design accessory.


Professional 2 group coffee machine. A solid, reliable machine with an elegant design and fine finishes, like its stainless steel steamers and body. Ideal for those looking for simplicity, quality, reliability and ease of use. The machine has a retro style – both in its automatic version and for the mechanical level version – and its compact size makes it ideal for spaces where it is difficult to install a traditional machine.


Professional coffee machine with 2 and 3 automatic units. A solid and reliable machine with a contemporary and elegant design that looks great in any style of interior. Eye-catching features include fine details, like the stainless steel foaming wand, a large multifunctional display that visualizes the machine parameters, and all the stainless steel finishes and inserts. This extremely reliable machine makes it possible to have a continuity of extraction, thereby offering the best possible coffee.


Professional coffee machine with 1, 2, and 3 automatic units. Dedicated to those seeking practicality without compromising on quality and reliability. This machine features a smart design and is also easy to use for consistently excellent coffee, even under stressful working conditions.